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Crowd Control

Is your business equipped to handle large numbers of people attending a function, for example a music festival or school breakup party? Don't expose your event to crowd control problems that can easily get out of hand. Arrange for our qualified security guards to look after this safely and professionally.

Cash Escort

Did you know that having us manage your cash escort requirements reduces your insurance premiums? We provide cash escort services 24 hours a day 365 days a year! Call us to manage this securely for you.

Alarm Response

It's after hours and there's an attempted break in at your property - how are you going to handle it?  Contact us to arrange for an alarm response management plan so we can attend and inspect your premises for you.

Seized Property

Banks - do you need premises protected from an access breach and potential theft?  Contact us today to provide around the clock security personnel to guard and monitor the property with a service that is more relevant to a wider range of prospective customers.

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Superior & Reliable

Relied upon by businesses and individuals in North Queensland to provide them with professional security services, we can assist you with all of your security needs.

NQPS Pty Ltd (trading as FNSS Guards & Patrols and N.Q. Protective Services) has been providing professional and reliable security services to North Queensland since 1974.

Specialising in all security guard, cash escort  and alarm response services we also provide alarm monitoring and alarm system installations.

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Our Services

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Static Guards - Armed / Unarmed

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Resort Security

Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Response

Alarm Systems

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